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Wood Berry Gallery Presents Libby Skamfer

An exhibition of work by Libby Skamfer will be on display at Wood Berry Gallery, in Saluda, beginning with an opening reception and artist talk on Friday, October 13, from 5–7 p.m., and running through October 30. Wood Berry Gallery is the exclusive venue of Skamfer’s work.

Improve. Libby Skamfer, artist

“Libby’s craftsmanship in creating these extraordinary works of art is exceptional,” says the gallery’s co-owner Mark Holland. “Because people from all walks of life are drawn to her glorious colors, composition and artistry, we have shipped her works all across the country and she is also collected overseas.”

After a lifelong career as a European-trained master goldsmith, Skamfer began painting in 2017 following a sudden and tremendous personal loss. Initially, the materials she experimented with were oils and cold wax but, due to frustration with extended drying times, she soon switched to acrylic painting on canvas and cradled wood panels. Skamfer’s process continually evolves as she allows her painting to lead to the next stage of development knowing that uncertainty and accidents are essential to the evolution of work in its final form.

Nazca. Libby Skamfer, artist

“The fact that I studied and trained in Italy allowed me to develop my sensitivity to fine art and that helped me develop the artist within,” says Skamfer. “The ironic part of this evolution is that in my work as a goldsmith it was necessary to plan out the pieces and their outcome in finite detail before beginning to hammer and construct.”

Skamfer’s layered painting process is intuitive and unplanned. She allows chance and mistakes to hold importance, ultimately steering toward what she considers to be resolution and balance. She uses paper as an initial layer to ultimately leave subtle variation in lines and textures visible in the finished painting. She continually seeks new technical processes in acrylic and mixed medium.

Promises Kept. Libby Skamfer, artist

“I think risk-taking is where the magic evolution comes from in my work,” she says. “I have to be willing to perhaps lose a portion, or even all, of what I have created by painting over or sanding away parts in order to move the piece into territory I couldn’t have imagined but that makes the connection I was seeking.”

The exhibition will primarily consist of, but not be limited to, work created by Skamfer in the past 12 months. From the beginning of 2018 until now, she has concentrated on seeking more open space in her paintings as well as working on a larger scale. The show will reflect those directions with some smaller pieces included as well.

Wood Berry Gallery is located at 66 East Main Street, Saluda. Learn more at

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