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Woolworth Walk Features Cynthia Decker in July

Personal Growth. Cynthia Decker, artist

For the month of July, Woolworth Walk will highlight digital artist Cynthia Decker in the FW Gallery. This will be Decker’s first show in the space in about 15 years, despite her continuing presence as a member artist at Woolworth Walk. “I’ve waived doing a show at the gallery because my booth is so close to the show space,” she says. “I wanted to give other artists with less gallery visibility more opportunity to be up front. I have a lot of new work now, so I decided to go for it.”

The child of a computer science professor who did some work for NASA and a Ford Aerospace engineer, Decker had access to a home computer before it was common. She started doing digital art with paint programs in the late 90s. “I enjoy the process of digital modeling,” says Decker, “and I love painting digitally—although I do miss the mess and fun of regular paint media, so I still play with that too. However, I’d have to say my single favorite thing about the digital medium is probably the ease with which I can layer and build the images and customize how those layers interact with one another.”

For this show, Decker chose unusual works that she doesn’t usually show in her booth at Woolworth. Some of her new work is inspired by the isolation of the pandemic. “My process is the same, but I truly enjoy a quiet life and I found myself really inspired over the last year of being home more,” she says. “I have a lot of ideas and sketches ready to be worked on.”

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