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Creekside Farm at The Cliffs

Creekside Farm at The Cliffs

A core tenet for The Cliffs at Walnut Cove community is a focus on health and wellness. As part of this focus, the community has access to CSA (Community Share Agriculture) shares from Creekside Farm, a 45-acre organic farm. The weekly CSA share boxes are filled with local produce from the farm as well as notes from the farm manager, Melissa Wickham, who shares recipes and helpful tips about the produce. “Wellness is more than just exercise,” says Josh Smith, sales manager with Walnut Cove Realty. “We’ve seen a growing number of people who want to know where their food comes from. Having the farm on-site allows members to see their food being grown and gives them assurance that the food is local and organic.”

Not only can residents purchase their own share but members of The Cliffs can also purchase shares of the CSA to be donated to MANNA Food Bank. “These donations, in addition to the ones purchased for their family, support the good work of the farm, which allows the CSA to thrive, while also giving back to the community,” says Smith.

The costs of the CSA program support the farm’s two vegetable gardens, grass-fed beef operation and free-range chicken yard. Creekside Farm also has an education center on-site. “The Creekside Farm Education Center is a place to gather, prepare and cook food and to celebrate it with others,” says Bob Turner, Walnut Cove Resident and owner of the farm. “It’s the social hub of the farm community.” Events at the education center have included gardening class, cooking and canning class, bee class and farm-to-table dinners to benefit MANNA.

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