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World premiere of Romeo and Juliet: In Memoriam

A groundbreaking reimagining of William Shakespeare’s beloved tragedy Romeo and Juliet is poised to make its debut Friday, October 13, at Attic Salt Theater in Asheville. The show will run through October 21.

Elias Hamilton and Ronnie Z. Nielsen, both age 18, are Asheville natives who share a passion for the arts and a deep appreciation for the works of William Shakespeare.

Romeo and Juliet: In Memoriam is the result of their creative collaboration, showcasing their ability to bring a fresh perspective to a classic masterpiece. Their unique vision transports audiences to the solemn and emotional setting of the star-crossed lovers’ funeral, infusing new life into Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy and exploring themes of love, loss and reconciliation in a fresh way.

The premiere of Romeo and Juliet: In Memoriam is a celebration of youth, talent, and the enduring power of Shakespeare’s work. Audiences can expect a moving, mesmerizing performance paired with an original score that blends classic and contemporary elements.

This adaptation is more than just a play – it’s a testament to the potential and creativity of the younger generation, with every aspect of the production in the hands of Asheville-area teens.

Don’t miss your chance to witness this exceptional adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, where young visionaries take center stage, breaking boundaries and proving that age is no barrier to artistic excellence.

Admission is free, and tickets are available at

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