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Bob Moog Foundation Holds 2020 Trifecta Raffle

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced its 2020 Trifecta Raffle featuring three vintage Moog synthesizers: a Moog Rogue, a Moog Prodigy, and a Moog Source. The synthesizers being raffled have been fully restored and are in excellent condition with a combined value of nearly $7,000.

The raffle began August 31, and ends September 28 11:59 p.m. or when all tickets are sold. Tickets are $25 each, 5 for $100, 12 for $200, and 35 for $500. All proceeds benefit the Foundation’s projects: Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and the Moogseum. Only 4,500 tickets will be sold.

Moog RaffleThe raffle will offer three prizes to its three winners:
First Prize: Moog Source, serial number 2628 (valued at $2,800)
Second Prize: Updated Moog Prodigy, serial number 3078 (valued at $2,500)
Third Prize: Moog Rogue, serial number 3674 (valued at $1,500)

All three synthesizers share the robust Moog build and rich sound quality, as well as a shared technical lineage rooted in the legendary Minimoog, which is widely known as the most iconic, archetypal analog synthesizer of all time. The Rogue and Prodigy are renowned for their deep bass and flexible modulation capabilities, while the Source is lauded for its rich sound, sequencers, sample and hold, arpeggiator, presets, and unique data wheel.

“We are thrilled to be offering three vintage Moog synthesizers in this raffle, which will allow us to spread the sonic wealth among three lucky winners,” says Michelle Moog-Koussa, executive director of the Bob Moog Foundation. “Together, these three synths help trace a fascinating part of Moog history, when the company was striving to make synthesis accessible to a wider audience of musicians by offering compact instruments, while delivering the same legendary sound that helped birth an industry 15 years prior. We’re proud to highlight this part of the Moog lineage, share these great synths, and raise much needed funding for our projects.”

For more information or for tickets, visit 2020 Trifecta Raffle

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