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Book Feature: Judgment: The Art of Momentous Decision-Making

Every day in America and around the world, major decisions are quietly made behind closed doors. The stakes can be extremely high. The pressure on the decision-makers is immense. Whether it’s a collapsing bank that threatens the economy, a geo-political flashpoint in the South China Sea, or a terrorist attack, how judgment is exercised in one critical moment will determine the outcome.

In Judgment: The Art of Momentous Decision-Making, Chris Mailander deconstructs three crucible moments to reveal the clues, strategies, methods, and techniques that rising CEOs, government executives, and military leaders can use to improve their own judgment in critical situations. These three historic events reveal the high-stakes decision-making process of: a nuclear submarine commander hunting a Russian enemy in the Sea of Japan during the Cold War; a Wall Street executive navigating the 2008 financial collapse; and the senior director of the White House Situation Room responding to the devastating 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris.

In a richly detailed account of each, Mailander reveals which decision-makers got it right, which ones failed, and the reasons why. Ultimately, each decision would change history.

In Judgment, readers learn to: Identify those trigger points during the decision-making process that create opportunities for changing the course in the decision-maker’s favor; avoid the common errors leaders make; and use seven indicators revealing the probable path of an unfolding decision arc and the strength or weakness of the decision-maker’s position.

Judgment is a clear-eyed telling of the conditions that can change the course of a business, an economy, or a nation. It reveals the deeper codes and common patterns within critical decisions, and then sets forth the methods and strategies for transforming extraordinary moments into ordinary ones.

Judgment: The Art of Momentous Decision-Making by Chris Mailander, Ironheart Publishing June 27, 2023. Available on

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