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Slow Food USA Gives The Utopian Seed Project Grant for Pilot Program

Slow Food USA has given The Utopian Seed Project a grant to launch a new pilot program, Eat It, Grow It: Winter Storage, Summer Growing Food Boxes, to distribute boxes of its produce in winter storage form (dehydrated), along with resources for individuals to grow the same foods the following season.

“The Utopian Seed Project has an experimental farm where they grow a wide diversity of varieties and crops. As part of their educational outreach, and fueled by a strong desire to support its local food system, they plan to distribute Eat It, Grow It: Winter Storage, Summer Growing Food Boxes,” according to Slow Food USA.The boxes will be full of harvest produce from their experimental farm in winter storage form (i.e. dehydrated okra rings, taro roots and sweet potatoes); plus the box will also contain resources to grow the very same food the following season (i.e. okra seeds and instructions on how to sprout a sweet potato). The concept is to inspire with food, and empower with the resources and knowledge to grow that food.”

The Utopian Seed Project will be partnering with local food distribution hubs to make sure the boxes get to where they will have the greatest impact and hope it can be a model for using the surplus crops from its trials.

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