Frock Boutique

Frock Boutique

Brooke Pollock. Photo by Bret Rifkin

Brooke Pollock, the new owner of Frock Boutique, is happy to be settled in Asheville with a convenient location in the heart of downtown. “The store itself has been here for several years, and I bought it about a year ago,” says Pollock. “I have kept the same high quality in all the basic pieces and added an element of trend, so that my clothes and accessories appeal to women ages 25 to 75.”

Brooke graduated college at the height of the recession with a degree in public relations and women’s studies. She took a managerial position to oversee several stores for a family-owned clothing company in Charlotte, an experience that developed her love of fashion. Later, she decided to break out on her own, with Asheville her destination. When Frock Boutique became available, it was a fait accompli!

“Besides the buying aspect, the best thing about owning my shop is getting to hang out with women all day and see how happy shopping makes them,” she says. “I also love being surrounded by other women vendors and sharing ideas.”

Frock Boutique is located at 4 Battery Park Avenue in Asheville. For more information, call 828.255.4626, visit or see Instagram @frock.asheville.

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