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Corner Station Olive Oil Co.

Corner Station Olive Oil Co.

Cathey Bolton

In 2008, ceramicist Cathey Bolton opened her pottery studio and fine art gallery, Art on Depot, in Waynesville. Her ceramics are designed for everyday use, items she describes as “functional pottery with flair,” including stoneware plates, mugs and cruets for olive oil and vinegar. In May, Bolton expanded her kitchen and functional arts themes by opening an olive oil, vinegar and spices shop in the building where her great-grandfather established a service station in 1928.

“With the opening of Corner Station Olive Oil Co., I get to combine all of my favorite things in one place,” she says. Foodies, chefs and art-lovers alike are now able to find locally the inspiration and the specialty ingredients and tools to create culinary masterpieces at home. Bolton also plans to move Art on Depot to the historic filling station before the end of the year.

To learn more, see or visit her pages on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy. While renovation on the station is being completed, Corner Station Olive Oil Co. is located nearby at 224 Branner Avenue in Waynesville.

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