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Asheville Gallery of Art Seeks New Members

Asheville Gallery of Art Seeking New Members

Asheville Gallery of Art (AGA), the city’s oldest art gallery, is taking applications from new artists to join the gallery as members. The gallery maintains a membership of around 30 artists, jurying in new members on a yearly basis as current members move on for various reasons.

“The Asheville Gallery of Art is the only co-owned gallery in Asheville,” says AGA president Sue Dolamore. “As a cooperative, the Asheville Gallery of Art allows artists to share the cost and workload of marketing, exhibiting and selling their work in a professional and aesthetically pleasing environment. Over a 31 year time span, the gallery has built a strong brand, refined every aspect of its operation, built a solid customer base and earned its reputation as an exceptional place for fine art in Asheville.”

AGA members must live within one hour’s drive of the gallery in downtown Asheville, and they are required to contribute to the gallery’s success in a variety of ways. This includes working one day each month as gallery clerk, serving on at least two committees, and rotating their gallery art work every three months. Applications are accepted through June 15 and the gallery will make decisions on new members after July 1.

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