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Asheville Area Arts Council: CMYK Exhibit at The Refinery

CMYK Exhibit at The Refinery

Portrait of the Cyan Self by Madalyn Wofford

The Asheville Area Arts Council (AAAC) will present Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black, a new exhibit from curator Madalyn Wofford, from Friday, January 13, through Friday, February 24 at the new AAAC location in The Refinery Creator Space. A reception and artist talk will be held Friday, February 3, from 5–8 p.m.

CMYK is an interactive installation that examines the relationship between color and light. It showcases mixed media from a group of young artists based in Asheville who use color and light immersion inspired by the color-printing model known as CMYK.

Participating artists include: Byron Browne, Carley Dergins, Kaylee Dunn, Jason Scott Furr, Ethan Gibbs, Gray Hales, Michael Iauch, Adam McDaniel, Brett Wyatt, Wofford and Woolly Press. Each artist will showcase media representing each of the four CMYK colors.

“I am interested in the transition from analog to digital culture and exploring how we communicate as a society,” says Browne. “For a long time, print media held the most potency visually and now we live in a world where most people rely on electricity constantly to consume, transmit and experience information. My work in CMYK addresses how physical art has been altered in the light of the digital realm.”

Curator Wofford is excited to get younger working artists from Asheville experimenting and collaborating for this installation. “We feel the need to exhibit ephemeral, transitional and conceptual based practices that immerse the viewer in a total experience,” she says. “Our goal with CMYK is to alter the viewing space from the white-walled gallery into an interactive colorful exploration of the relationships of CMYK, and how light fully changes our perspective of what we see.”

Also from January 13 to February 24, the AAAC will feature Nature in Abstract, a solo exhibition by photographer Susanna Euston in the Hall Gallery, Using Intentional Camera Movement, Euston has captured the beauty and energy of nature, creating a painterly effect without using photograph-altering technologies.

The Asheville Area Arts Council is located at The Refinery Creator Space, 207 Coxe Avenue, Asheville. To learn more, visit or contact executive director Stefanie Darr at 828.258.0710 or

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