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Contemporaneo Asheville: New, Permanent Additions

Double S. Giovanni Paseri, artist.

Contemporaneo Asheville has announced that a collection of glass works by artist and architect Giovanni Paseri will become a part of the gallery’s permanent collection, with a solo show highlighting Paseri to be held later this year. Paseri’s sculptures are contemporary and clean, combining glass with other materials like steel, bronze, aluminum, acrylic and wood. “I selected glass as a means of expression because of its physical properties such as transparency, malleability and color, which allow me to explore thousands of plastic possibilities,” Paseri says. “But mainly, with this material I have a medium that catches the light, making it an essential part of the work not only as an external element but also as a component that defines it.”

The artist is inspired by science: concepts like physics, quantum mechanics, string theory and cosmology are threaded throughout his work. A formally trained architect, Paseri was naturally drawn to working in three dimensions, and uses design features like tension cables, joints, porticos and metal columns. “Like most of the artists showcased at our gallery, Paseri’s architectural background gives him a deeper understanding of space and volumetric structures, allowing for the perfect marriage of art and space,” says Francisco Troconis, who co-owns Contemporaneo Asheville with Gary Culbertson. “This gallery is all about innovation and new expressions, and Paseri’s work fits perfectly within these two parameters.”

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