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The Laurel of Asheville Wedding Guide Summer 2021

Autumn wedding bouquet

As the world eases back into its old ways—or some of them—weddings seem to be high on the list of priorities. So much had to be postponed and canceled last year that many people feel a sense of urgency in making up for lost opportunities and disrupted plans.

In The Laurel Wedding Guide for Summer 2021, we profile one North Carolina couple, Kayla and Jose, who learned that the venue chosen for their October, 2020 wedding could host a maximum of 10 guests. It was at that point that they considered eloping. Read how everything came to a happy (you might even say fairy-tale) ending—thanks to some community partners who wanted to bring a little cheer to one lucky couple after a year of disappointments for them and so many others.

There are many factors that go into planning a wedding, not least of them the choice of a venue. In Tryon, a 118-year-old building and its grounds have been restored with a combination of historic charm and modern-day conveniences. GreenLife Inn at The Mimosa offers comfort and service, its owners working with couples to house guests, host parties and the ceremony, and help coordinate whatever personalized extras the couple desires.

We’ve also gathered ideas for confections, photographs, fashion and gifts as brides and grooms start afresh with plans. Perhaps, what we all learned from last year is that joy and optimism—the very qualities that go into planning a wedding—can survive even the darkest of times. Here’s to happy couples everywhere as they go forth into a brighter future!

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