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Artist Lucy Clark Strives to Connect

Lucy Clark Strives to Connect

Where the Fairies Speak. Lucy Clark, artist

During the period of uncertainty associated with COVID-19, hand-build potter Lucy Clark has turned to a different medium as a way of keeping faith alive and reaching out to people regardless of their situation. Through photography paired with brief writings, she aims to project kindness and compassion for the experiences of others.

“As a licensed massage therapist for nearly 30 years, one of the greatest desires of my life has been to be of service,” says Clark. “To be able to do it in a variety of ways makes me thankful every day.”

Though Clark has been writing a blog called The Life of Mud for more than seven years, the outlet took on new meaning after her first trip to New Mexico’s Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center four-and-a-half years ago. She found that, given enough time and space, she could translate her experiences into the written word as a way to look back on her life and her evolution as an individual. Now, she hopes that others may see a kindred spirit in either her words or her images.

“Sometimes it’s enough to just post a simple, beautiful image with a few words,” says Clark. “Other times, the words take on a life of their own and I am simply the conduit for the message hidden within the photograph.”

The additional time available to her during the Stay At Home order has allowed Clark to develop her writing and photography as well as maintain productivity with her pottery. After an interlude with mixed-media wall sculptures and handmade jewelry, she has returned to hand-building ceramic vessels. With the drastic decrease in income through both her massage and pottery businesses, she admits to some fear and uncertainty regarding her work life, however, she states that she is enjoying the ability to delve deeper into the refinement of her creations.

“I find that many artists are creating more deeply and intensely than ever before because, even though we don’t know where we will end up, it is in the present that we find our soul and our true essence,” says Clark. “With this extra time I have been able to push myself into developing those sublime yet profound nuances that make my work complete.”

Bending Toward the Light

Nature is funny that way—it never complains about the shifting landscape of deep forest and sunlight. It just does what it needs to do, in its own time, to make it there. ~ Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark’s writings and photography are posted on her Facebook page @LucyClarkPottery. View her vessels, wall sculpture and jewelry at and

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