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Book Feature: Waterfalls of Western North Carolina

Mike Moore, Author

Brevard musician and photographer Mike Moore wanted to help businesses as they recover from the effects of the pandemic. He combined two loves— hiking to beautiful spots and photographing them—to produce Waterfalls of Western North Carolina. A large percentage of proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit businesses in Brevard. “Overall, the goal is to show how much we can come together in everything we choose to do in life,” Moore says. “There is always room to do good in our everyday tasks.” Sponsorship by Transylvania County Tourism and local advertisers helped make publication possible.

Mike Moore, author

Work on the full-color book involved many hours of research, some intense hikes and taking and editing photographs of more than 100 waterfalls. Moore began in his own backyard. “When you live in a place called ‘Land of Waterfalls,’ it’s hard not to want to explore as many as you can,” he says. Included are many recognizable spots, such as Looking Glass Falls in Pisgah National Forest, as well as others off the beaten path. “As much as I love the popular waterfalls that most people travel for many miles to visit, there are some that really have much more to them than just size,” Moore says. Among his favorite lesser-known cascades are White Owl Falls (featured on the book’s cover), Little Bird Falls, Merry Falls and Courthouse Falls. “The beauty of waterfalls is that they are all so different and each has its own individual way of connecting with us,” says Moore.

Waterfalls of Western North Carolina, May, 2021, photography, softcover, $29.50, by Mike Moore, and independently published. Learn more at

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