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Book Feature: Way DEAD Upon the Suwannee River

An Einstein Brad Pope Mystery

Bryan E. Robinson, Author

With the publication of Way DEAD Upon the Suwannee River, Asheville’s Bryan Robinson embarks upon a series of mysteries that drops in on deadly places in the south. Two more books in the series—the second set in Asheville—are planned for release in the next two years.

A psychotherapist by profession, Robinson jokes that his tagline is: “I heal by day and kill by night.” Writing fulfills a need he has had since childhood when he would write young characters into—and then out of—trouble. “I didn’t know it then, but it was my child self’s way of feeling like he had control of a chaotic home life,” Robinson says.

This novel is set in a fictional town near the Suwannee River, inspired by Branford, FL, where Robinson once had a home and where underwater caverns brought explorers from all over the world. “I was intrigued at the stories the river dwellers told around campfires at night, their shadows dancing like ghosts against the white sand as they told yarns about divers getting trapped and drowning in caves,” Robinson says.

Way DEAD Upon the Suwannee River: An Einstein Brad Pope Mystery, April 2024, fiction, paperback, $17.95, by Bryan E. Robinson, and published by Level Best Books, Olney, MD. A book launch will be held Thursday, May 2, from 6–8 p.m. at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café. Register at Learn more at

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