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Bring Us Your Best Art Show Winner

Bring Us Your Best

Yama. Courtney Hoelscher, artist

The Arts Council of Henderson County (ACofHC) is pleased to announce Courtney Hoelscher is the winner of its Virtual Bring Us Your Best art show. Hoelscher’s acrylic painting Yama was selected as the people’s choice with more than 320 votes.
“Courtney not only created a beautiful, well-deserving piece, she was able to keep her audience engaged throughout the week-long show,” says ACofHC executive director Hannah Duncan.

Courtney Hoelscher

Yama, a 48-by-60 inch acrylic on canvas, is a product of Hoelscher’s increasing interest in landscapes featuring mountains and waterfalls, as well as her study of the Japanese art of shan shui painting. Her process begins with the establishment of a horizon line or linear shape that meanders across the canvas. Next, she layers colors, beginning with the darkest values in her color scheme and builds up from there.

“I try not to think too much about what the end result will look like,” says Hoelscher. “I tend to paint layer after layer, gradually leaving areas alone as I become happy with them and continuing to rework others that I feel aren’t working yet.”

Yama was one of 60 pieces entered in the show, which was open to ACofHC members and Hendersonville Art on Main artists. Mediums represented included clay, photography, pastels, acrylics, jewelry, fiber art, glass, mosaics, alcohol ink and mixed media.

“It was an unbelievable honor to win this contest,” says Hoelscher. “There were so many pieces worthy of winning that everyone who entered should be proud of themselves and of our creative community as a whole.”

Yama and other works by Hoelscher are available for purchase at Follow Hoelscher on Instagram

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