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Contemporaneo Adds New Works by Anrika Rupp

Contemporaneo: Aninka Rupp

Math Spheres-Inspyre Series I. Anrika Rupp, artist

Contemporaneo Asheville has expanded its permanent collection to include works from two new series by Anrika Rupp. Works from the “Math Spheres-Inspyre” series “are smaller versions of the Math Spheres series, but are treated more like jewelry for your desk,” says Rupp. “The spheres are manufactured cubic zirconia or other real stones such as moonstones and agate.” These smaller-scale works offer a portable, innovative addition for any art collector. “As homes become smaller and collectors have less and less space to have art,” says gallery co-owner Francisco Troconis, “these pieces are the perfect size.”

Similarly, Rupp’s new series of “Dwarf Galaxies” are small desktop versions of her larger “Galaxy in a Box” works, which are made by layering painted sheets of acrylic. “They are much more accessible and easy to place in a home or office,” says Rupp. Collectors can also purchase a small light box to illuminate the works.

These works, while smaller in scale and somewhat different from prior projects, still imbue Rupp’s artistic style, existing within “the spaces of art and science simultaneously,” she says. While the gallery is currently closed, Contemporaneo Asheville looks forward to welcoming visitors to view these new works as soon as it is safe.

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