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A glance through a dictionary of quotations finds April praised for its youthful spirit (Shakespeare), called “the cruelest month” (T. S. Eliot) and compared to “an idiot, babbling and stewing flowers.” (Edna St. Vincent Millay)

What would life be without our poets to weave words so deftly, capturing the essence of everything around us? April is, of course, National Poetry Month and the 10th Asheville Wordfest (p. 80) brings national and regional poets to share their words in a time when many, like Wordsworth, feel that “the world is too much with us.” In On a Personal Note, (p. 52), meet one of Asheville’s own poets, Elizabeth Meade, and read how love of language shapes her days.

We celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, April 22, though for many in WNC every day is Earth Day as we seek to revere and protect our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Green happenings include Asheville GreenWorks’ Trashion Show (p. 65), WNC for the Planet Earth Month (p. 61) and RiverLink’s Kids Festival (p. 68).

As always, our pages are abloom with the glorious art of our region. Meet Jacqui Fehl (p. 10), whose fanciful with- a-touch-of-grunge work graces our cover this month, and Holland Van Gores, who turns discarded wood into masterpieces (p. 34).

If you find yourself energized by brilliant sunshine and warm breezes, art walks (p. 72) have begun and festival season has kicked into high gear. Author and naturalist Hal Borland gets the final word: “April is a promise that May is bound to keep.”

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