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An Exploration of Space at Contemporaneo Gallery


Solar Dynamics. Anrika Rupp, artist. Photo by Francisco J. Troconis

On Thursday, April 25, at 6 p.m., Contemporaneo Asheville will host an opening for its newest exhibition, I am in Awe. The exhibition, which will run through Sunday, June 30, features work from three artists: Anrika Rupp, Gayle Paul and Miguel Grillo. I am in Awe explores ideas of inexplicable phenomena, such as the vastness of space and time. “Looking at our planet is not sufficient to explain the phenomena we observe,” says Rupp. “We must look up and into the apparently infinite expanse of space. As beings, deeply connected to both the earth and space, it is biologically impossible not to be drawn to the inner and outer cosmos. The intellectual freedom of art allows me to explore, unconstrained, the inner sense of belonging and recognition of this vastness.”

Grillo explains that the work of each artist is informed by his or her experiences, and what brings them all together is this exhibition. “The curator who exhibits our work is the one who has the sensitivity to look for the common factor among us, ensuring that the dialogue is harmonious and clear to the viewer,” Grillo says. Paul also credits the owners of Contemporaneo Gallery, Francisco Troconis and Gary Culbertson, with bringing together three diverse artists around a common theme. “I am excited to be part of their vision and trust their vision in showing Anrika, Miguel and myself together,” she says. “I feel that when a person looks at abstract art, it is important that they find their own meaning.”

Contemporaneo Asheville Gallery & Shop is located at 4 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville. For more information, visit

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