Appalachian Disasterpieces at Woolworth Walk

On The Road Again. Eric Cunningham, artist

On The Road Again. Eric Cunningham, artist

For the month of October, Woolworth Walk will highlight local artist Eric Cunningham in the F.W. Gallery. Appalachian Disasterpieces by Eric Cunningham will feature mixed media works by the self-taught artist. Cunningham, who has been represented at Woolworth Walk for three years, creates his work from recycled and found objects like scrap wood, bottlecaps, license plates, electrical components and other knick knacks. “Sometimes I’ll hold on to an item for years before I use it in a piece,” he says. “My garage art studio is filled with thousands of bottlecaps, hundreds of license plates, assorted scrap wood, pieces of tin, random pieces of junk and yard sale finds just eagerly awaiting their turn to be turned into a glorious Disasterpiece.”

Cunningham’s style is influenced by folk art, pop art and Americana. “A lot of my art is based on Appalachia and its unique weirdness and Southern icons,” he says. The artist works on scrap wood and plywood rather than canvas to achieve that “gritty, dirty feel and texture that I love,” he says, and also because the material is more sturdy for his mixed media purposes. Some of his most popular commission pieces are guitars made with bottlecaps and maps of the US made using license plates. These pieces will be featured in Appalachian Disasterpieces along with Cunningham’s depictions of serpent handlers, moonshiners and the country music star. “The pieces I chose for this show are some of my current favorite works and are a good cross sampling of my art,” he says. “There is usually a story behind one, I’ll make up a good lie.” every piece… and if there ain’t Cunningham will be in attendance at the show’s opening reception on Friday, October 4, from 5–7 p.m.

Woolworth Walk is located at 25 Haywood Street in Asheville. For more information, visit

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