Blue Dharma Fine Art Gallery

Blue Dharma Fine Art Gallery

Bill Bowers

Bill Bowers has been a professional artist since 1981, owning galleries in Cape Cod, MA, and Sarasota, FL, before opening Asheville’s Blue Dharma Fine Art Gallery in July. Located in Grove Arcade, the gallery exhibits his recent Zen abstract and Surrealist work as well as personal constructed totems.

He first opened Blue Dharma in Florida, where he did well with interior design, public art and fine art. “I moved out of Sarasota in September of 2018,” he says. “I searched for the right location for ten months before bringing Blue Dharma to the Grove Arcade.”

The gallery is a place to showcase his wide range of creative styles using water-based paints and pigments. Expanding his creativity, Bowers is in the beginning stages of performance painting to include dancing and mysticism before a live audience. The goal is to create a series of interactive performances called The Sound of Color.

To learn more, visit or call 941.301.1409. Blue Dharma is located in Suite 137 of the Grove Arcade, 1 Page Avenue, Asheville. An opening reception will be held Monday, September 16, from 3–8 p.m.

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