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Blue Moon Gallery

Blue Moon Gallery

Rob Travis

In 2000, Rob Travis was a project manager for a Fortune 500 company. “After years of having two cell phones, two pagers and one stomach ulcer, I decided it was time to eliminate some stress,” he says. Travis’ father owned a fused glass business in Cedar Mountain, so he decided to leave the hectic world of corporate demands, join his father and focus on creating art.

“I made kiln-fired fused glass pieces for 15 years and along the way decided to experiment with photography. In 2007, I bought my first DSLR and became involved in a camera club, where I received a lot of encouragement.” Travis began exhibiting photographs at his father’s shop and inviting others to show there as well. In 2015, when the number of exhibitors outgrew the space, he opened Blue Moon Gallery.

“In July of this year, I was able to open a space in downtown Brevard,” he says, “and I brought my artists with me.”

Blue Moon Gallery is located at 24 East Main Street in Brevard. To learn more, visit and

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