Contemporaneo Asheville: Composing Line

Contemporaneo Asheville: Composing Line

Line Dance in Citrus & Azure. Denby Dale, artist

On Friday, August 2, from 6–9 p.m., Contemporaneo Asheville will host an opening reception for Composing Line, an exhibition of works by Denby Dale. “Denby’s new series of work fully embodies the driving forces of the gallery, the limitless possibilities of exploration and innovation,” says Francisco Troconis, who co-owns the gallery with Gary Culbertson. “As an artist, she is not shy to experiment with new media while incorporating techniques she has mastered, like working with encaustic wax and her research with pigments to achieve amazing new colors.”

Composing Line is a bit of a divergence for Dale, whose work is often movement-filled, colorful and abstract. “For this show, I am focusing solely on the interaction of line, color and structure,” she says. “I have assigned myself parameters, and within those, I can explore endless combinations. It is very liberating.”

That said, the exhibition will include a medium that is very familiar to Dale: encaustic. “Encaustic is pigmented wax paint that is heated for application,” she says. Dale mixes custom colors of encaustic using high-grade pigments, and casts each piece individually. “In this show, I use encaustic in a very sculptural way that may be new to some viewers,” she says. “It has a plasticity in that it can be molded or altered, but it is not plastic.”

The exhibition will run through September 30. “The basic element of line is powerful when pared down to its essence,” says Dale. “Slowing down and limiting our options, while also embracing variation within a strong foundation, is an important pursuit in our often busy and cluttered contemporary society.”

Contemporaneo Asheville is located at 4 Biltmore Avenue. For more information, visit

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