Contemporaneo Exhibit To Feature Glass Artist Ana María Nava

Contemporaneo Exhibit To Feature Glass Artist Ana María Nava

Fused Bullseye glass. Ana María Nava, artist

On Friday, July 6, Contemporaneo Asheville will host an opening reception for Dancing Light: A Journey of Glass from 5–8 p.m. The exhibition will feature glass works by Ana María Nava. “We are passionate about Ana’s work because of her endless experimentation, forward-thinking glass projects and her masterful use of transparency, color, reflection and ductility,” says gallery co-owner Francisco Troconis. The exhibit will run through September 30.

Nava studied architecture at the Universidad del Zulia in her native Venezuela. She first discovered glass art through her study of stained glass with artist Mary Bellorin. “Glass captured me,” Nava says. “Its vibrant colors and textures were magical to me.”

Nava’s work is largely influenced by an effort to incorporate glass into architectural spaces and investigate the relationship between glass and textiles. “Where I live, the Guajiro people make wonderful textiles in the form of hammocks, handbags and tapestries,” she says. “They are everywhere, so that was an input I had in my everyday life. With its array of colors, glass presented me with the opportunity to experiment in textiles. It just seemed right to try.”

Naturally, color and shadow play an important role in Nava’s works. “Glass needs light—it is discovered through light,” she says. “In the color splash wall installations, I look for light to generate a shadow behind the glass so it replicates on the bare wall and mimics it. In the shadows, we discover details of the pieces that may not be so evident in themselves, like the shape of borders and colors that perhaps evaded our first glance.”

Contemporaneo is located at 4 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville. For more information, call the gallery at 828.253.0879.

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