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Dissolution at Momentum Gallery in June

 Dissolution. Jason Forck and Seth S. Clark, artists

Dissolution. Jason Forck and Seth S. Clark, artists

Dissolution, a mixed media exhibition that features both individually created and collaborative works by collage artist Seth Clark and glass artist Jason Forck, will be on display at Momentum Gallery through Saturday, June 22. The artists share a mutual interest in Americana landscape and decay, themes that play out strongly in the exhibition.

The two artists long admired each other’s work before coming together to collaborate. “Even though we were using vastly different materials, we found ourselves talking about similarities in our approach to art making as well as overlaps in our preferred aesthetic and subject matter,” says Clark. The two were paired in the Idea Furnace residency at Pittsburgh Glass Center (PGC) and Dissolution is the result of their year of collaboration. “The Idea Furnace is a very unique program at PGC where artists unfamiliar with glass are given an opportunity to experiment with it,” says Clark.

While their mutual interest in architecture was the initial inspiration for this exhibition, Forck says Dissolution quickly took on a life of its own. “I think the collaboration itself became inspiring, taking collage and glassblowing and thinking about what that could mean together,” he says. “We ended up producing the most surprising and exciting pieces in this way.”

Momentum Gallery is located at 14 North Lexington Avenue in Asheville. For more information, visit

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