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Interconnected: A Visionary Art Exhibit at AAAC

Ka Amorastreya in winged accoutrement. Photo by Von Wong Photography

The Asheville Area Arts Council (AAAC) presents Interconnected, featuring the work of artist and curator Ka Amorastreya and nine other Visionary artists, on display from Friday, May 11, through June 15 at The Refinery Creator Space in Asheville. An opening reception, artist talk and performance by Amorastreya will take place on Friday, June 1, from 5–8 p.m.

“This is the first time the AAAC has worked with Ka,” says AAAC programs manager Mamie Fain. “It is always exciting to collaborate with new artists, especially those who are as enthusiastic and inspired as she and the other exhibitors.”

According to Amorastreya, Visionary art has only recently emerged from the underground, morphing over the past decade from what was loosely considered self-taught, psychedelic art into a multicultural exploration showcasing the spirit while revealing the interconnections between humanity and the entirety of creation. The exhibiting artists will express these connections in various ways, including the geometric template that the world is formed around, the plant and animal kingdoms, the realms of spirits, fae and devas, and the outer reaches of the cosmos.

“I hope viewers can see a little bit of themselves in each piece and feel a tug on the heartstring that connects them to each image,” says Amorastreya. “More than anything, I wish to illuminate the inherent beauty and love in all that surrounds us, seen and unseen.”

Other participating artists are Annie Bennett, Dillon Endico, Mark Hanf, Marina Jessica, Ryan O’Sullivan, CJ Randall, Andy Reed, Chris Sheehan and Ashley Spero.

The Refinery Creator Space is located at 207 Coxe Avenue, Asheville. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Learn more at

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