Spanish Artists Featured at Contemporaneo Asheville

Sky 1. Alejandro Botubol, artist. Photo by Francisco Troconis

Contemporaneo Asheville is adding three Spanish artists to its permanent collection: Alejandro Botubol, Keyser Siso and María Montford. “As an international gallery of contemporary art, we want to showcase works from innovative and unique artists from all over the world,” says gallery co-owner Francisco Troconis. “The work of these artists greatly enriches Contemporaneo’s permanent collection and enhances Asheville’s cultural landscape.”

Light is the major theme in Botubol’s work. “My recent works develop on the subject of light,” he says. “The duality between natural and artificial light, the light of my childhood home and the light of light art.” Montford’s work is inspired by the irregular distribution of houses in the hills of the city of Caracas, Venezuela. “With time, my painting was getting more and more abstract until finally I had to take it to the third dimension, so then my work in sculpture began,” she says. “I put all my energy and feelings into each one of my pieces. My main goal is that everyone who has the chance to see them will feel that and connect with it.”

Siso’s art explores a variety of subjects, from politics to human relationships. “My artistic work is made of several topics, to which I resort frequently: the idea of the individual and his environment, of social criticism and interpersonal relationships,” he says. “As a creator, there is no greater satisfaction than being exposed so more people can see and know about my work. It is a way to create a cultural exchange.”

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