Stained Glass, Photography at Woolworth Walk

Lavender Dreams. Susan Stanton, photographer

Lavender Dreams. Susan Stanton, photographer

Through Monday, December 30, the FW Gallery at Woolworth Walk will host a joint show featuring photographer Susan Stanton and stained-glass artist Tanya Franklin. “Our work is complementary in that we are drawn to the same subject matter and create representations in our own media,” says Franklin. “Additionally, we both use and enjoy rich color in our respective works.”

Franklin’s multi-dimensional designs feature ripples of color and layers of reflection. The natural world—sunsets, trees, mountains—is a driving theme of Franklin’s work. “When I first saw real, colorful and dimensional stained glass, I was mesmerized by its qualities,” she says. “It had all those ethereal striations of color and levels of transparencies within its eighth-inch depth, all laid out in a single pane of space.” Studying non-traditional techniques, including other media like wood, clay and metal, informed Franklin’s unique style.

Stanton’s recent series of photographs, “The Blue Ridge Parkway — Our Mountain Treasure,” is also heavily influenced by the natural geography of our region. “I think viewers will be awe-inspired by the beauty, emotion and color of the Blue Ridge Mountains,” she says. “I will be successful if viewers allow themselves to feel small and understand the peace that comes with this perspective.”

When Stanton started taking photographs in 2002, she focused on up-close micro images. A nearly-fatal illness inspired her to expand her lens to capture a grander perspective. “Landscape photography is a constant reminder of how large and beautiful the world is and how small I am in comparison, and I find great peace in that,” she says. “I believe Tanya and I draw our inspiration from God and the miracle of creation itself. We strive to capture the details, emotion and poetry of it through our art.”

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