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Studio A Celebrates Anniversary

Pysanky. Andrea Kulish, artist

In conjunction with the River Arts District’s Second Saturday on June 9, Andrea Kulish will celebrate the fifth anniversary of her Studio A at Pink Dog Creative where she practices the art of pysanky. These artistically decorated eggs are a tradition dating back thousands of years in Ukraine, where both of her parents were born.

Kulish’s mother, an art teacher in New York, taught her the ancient art when Andrea was just five years old. “The eggs were given as gifts and have different symbols on them expressing various wishes—good health, long life, prosperity, abundance, protection and many more,” Kulish says. “I love to make both traditional eggs and my own modern designs, and feel it is my life’s mission to create pysanky, share them with the world and bring them to people who haven’t seen them before.”

At times, Kulish holds workshops to teach the techniques of pysanky. She enjoys sharing the history and meaning behind the art form. The symbols and colors, for instance, all have different meanings. The workshops “bring people who make them a lot of satisfaction, fun and joy,” she says, “and the ability to create pysanky for people as wishes, choosing symbols and colors especially for the recipient.”

Celebrating five years in her space feels like a milestone, Kulish says. “It is my life’s dream to have my own business and to be involved with the community, and a five-year anniversary of doing that feels like an accomplishment. At the celebration, I want to say ‘thank you’ and to give back a little something.” Her anniversary celebration lasts from 3–8 p.m. and includes merchandise giveaways and treats and beverages that match the hot pink of her studio walls.

Studio A is located at 348 Depot Street in Asheville’s River Arts District. To learn more, visit

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