Translucency, Color and Reflection at Contemporaneo Asheville

Bend Red Space. Peter Bremers, artist

Bend Red Space. Peter Bremers, artist

By Emma Castleberry

On Friday, October 4, from 6–9 p.m., Contemporaneo Asheville will host an opening reception for Transclucency, Color and Reflection, an exhibition featuring glass works from Peter Bremers, Ana María Nava and Giovanni Paseri. “This show is very important to us because, as an art media, glass has many permutable characteristics, like translucency and reflection, that make it unique,” says Gary Culbertson, who co-owns Contemporaneo with Francisco Troconis. “These glass artists embody the innovative spirit that is part of this gallery’s core values.”

Bremers will be displaying work from his most recent series, Positive Space, which features works that appear simple at first glance but reveal a layered, 4-dimensional complexity upon further examination. “The Positive Space series is a response to the world-wide feeling of negativity, instability, insecurity and intolerance,” says Bremers. “These works reflect my personal desire to focus on positivity, equality and beauty.”

Nava’s recent investigations in artistic glass include floating glass installations, hanging spherical glass and steel sculptures and glass textiles. Viewers will notice a play of light, shadow and movement around each piece. “It is important to acknowledge the various possibilities of art glass and understand that glass is not there only for making beautiful utilitarian pieces,” says Nava. “Art glass can give people a very unique experience of translucency, color and reflection—as the show title suggests.”

Paseri’s glass works are characterized by chromatic richness, undulating planes and geometric patterns. “I seek to generate optical effects between lines and stripes of color and the passage of light through the translucent material, creating a game between the spectator and the work,” he says.

Translucency, Color and Reflection invites the viewer to consider work from three different artists with vastly different methodologies and philosophies, encouraging vibrant discourse. “Exhibits like this help to continue diversifying what is shown, broadening people’s access to international art and aesthetic proposals from other latitudes,” says Paseri.

Contemporaneo Asheville is located at 4 Biltmore Avenue. For more information, visit

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