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TreeHuggers Exhibit at Flow in Marshall

Jacqueline Maloney, artist

On Friday, April 20, the TreeHuggers exhibit will open at Flow, a body and home adornment store in downtown Marshall. Founded in 2010 by eight female artists, Flow has provided a retail outlet for Western North Carolina artists for more than 7 years. “At the end of last year, the idea popped into my head of curating a show around the celebration of trees,” says Pegi Pike, co-owner of Flow. “It felt right to us because Madison County is in the middle of this dense, beautiful forest, full of treehuggers. Also, our forests and national parks are at risk because of the policies and funding decisions of the current administration. It’s a good time to do something positive about bringing attention to our beautiful forests and honoring the life that helps give us life.”

TreeHuggers celebrates the tree in many artistic mediums, including works of wire, fiber, clay and paint. There will also be wooden furniture items by Bucky Parker and Ken Wheeler. The exhibit will open on Friday with a reception at 5:30 p.m. and visitors can admire the works at Flow through May 19. All works will be available for purchase, but can’t be taken home until the end of the exhibit. Flow is located at 14 South Main Street in downtown Marshall. For more information, visit or email

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