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Greeting Cards for the Socially Isolated

Greeting Cards for the Socially Isolated

Photo by Terry Ashley

While we all might be struggling with isolation, artist and scientist Terry Ashley recognizes that this isolation is likely even more challenging for those in hospice or assisted living. “They are separated from their family and friends,” she says. “I want them to know that there is someone out there who cares.”

A photographer, Ashley used her original images to create a series of cards. She hopes the cards can be filled out by members of churches or other such organizations and distributed to those who are truly isolated as a result of this pandemic. “My thought is that the organization will provide the mailing list, the cards and the volunteers needed to hand write each individual card,” she says. “The hope is that the volunteers are going to get something from this as well—that this would be something they could actively do to make another’s life a little more connected and enriched.”

Ashley, who has a PhD in genetics, combines her scientific work with a microscope and her nature photography to create composite images she calls “botanical chords.” She is the author of Botanical Chords and Harmonic Notes.

Greeting cards can be purchased from Artists @ Work Studio and Gallery. Contact Lucy Clark at 828.577.2719 or Learn more at

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