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HOMEbodies: A New Collection by Jacqui Fehl

HOMEbodies: A New Collection by Jacqui Fehl

The Secrets We Shared. Jacqui Fehl, artist

Mixed-media artist Jacqui Fehl has been with Woolworth Walk for about two years and she also works out of WhiteSPACE at Wedge Studios in the River Arts District. By a strange coincidence, Fehl had planned a May feature artist show at Woolworth Walk titled HOMEbodies. She decided on this theme long before the word “homebody” came to describe much of the global population. “This collection of works is not a response to the coronavirus outbreak, but rather an interesting coincidence,” she says. “Since most of the work was created before the pandemic, the collection as a whole takes on an expanded meaning, which will no doubt be interpreted differently by viewers based on their personal experiences in recent events.”

Fehl’s intention with this collection of work was to “explore the concept of ‘home’ and what that can mean beyond just a structure,” she says. “I have always enjoyed painting colorful houses on wheels with realistic images of doors and windows as a juxtaposition, and I knew that I would include some in the show, but I also wanted to push the definition of what home can represent.” Themes that Fehl explores in this show include “coming home to oneself, feeling at home with friends and family, the obligations of home,” she says.

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