Boomer Brands: Iconic Brands that Shaped Our Childhood

Boomer Brands: Iconic Brands that Shaped Our Childhood

Barry Silverstein, Author

Asheville author and former marketing professional Barry Silverstein drew on his own past for his latest book, cameos of consumer products, many of them still popular today, that became household words in the 1950s and 1960s with the advent of television. “One thing that really surprised me is how many of the brands we know and love today were born when Boomers were growing up,” Silverstein says.

“It was interesting to learn about the relationship between television and brand marketing,” he says. “In the ‘50s and ‘60s, brand marketers used TV, a new medium, to aggressively advertise their brands to adults and children alike. In fact, children’s television programs back then were often nothing more than vehicles for promoting cereal, soda, snack foods and other brands directly to Boomer kids.”

In what are, for some Boomers, troubling times with job anxiety, retirement worries and concern over the current divisiveness in the country, Silverstein says he wanted to write an enjoyable book for his generation. “I think Boomers will really enjoy a walk down Memory Lane,” he says. “I think they’ll see how the brands that shaped their childhoods continue to influence their adult lives.”

Boomer Brands: Iconic Brands that Shaped Our Childhood, February, 2019, nonfiction, trade paperback, $12.95, by Barry Silverstein, and published by GuideWords Publishing. To learn more, visit

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