June Events at Malaprop’s Offer Something for Everyone

From a discussion of nonbinary identity to a presentation on meteorology, there is something for every reader at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café this June. On Wednesday, June 5, at 6 p.m., John Ross presents The Forecast for D-Day: And the Weatherman Behind Ike’s Biggest Gamble. Ross will explore the story of the meteorologist who provided the weather forecast that helped Eisenhower make decisions on D-Day. “Had he been wrong and had the invasion failed, imagine no West Germany, no NATO and a communist Western Europe,” says Ross. “It all hinged on the weather forecast for D-Day, the most important weather forecast in history.”

On Thursday, June 20, at 6 p.m., Andrew Lawler will present The Secret Token, in conversation with Denise Kiernan, author of The Last Castle. The Secret Token explores the first English settlement in America and its disappearance. “I am sure we will have a spirited conversation about what happened to the Lost Colony, why it matters and how this strange tale also sheds light on the current controversies around race and immigration,” says Lawler. “This last part was the biggest surprise in my research and always makes for lively discussion.”

On Tuesday, June 4, at 6 p.m., Mason Deaver will present I Wish You All the Best, in conversation with author Becky Albertalli. I Wish You All the Best explores the coming-of-age love story of a non-binary person. “I think it’s important, especially in Southern cities and states, that we have authors openly discussing queer books and stories,” says Deaver. “Growing up here in North Carolina, there wasn’t a lot of comfort for me as a queer kid or teenager, much like other areas of the South. I think it’s important that kids and teens who get to come to an event like this realize that it provides almost a safe space of sorts.”

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