New Exhibit at the Carl Sandburg Home

New Exhibit at the Carl Sandburg Home

Sandburg’s suit with Jamie Mahan, Museum Curator. National Park Service Photo

Through October, the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site will host a temporary exhibit, Dressing for the Occasion: Mid-Century Sandburg as Celebrity and Family Man. The exhibit will feature clothing and accessories from the park’s permanent collection as well as items on loan from the Sandburg family. “I wanted to find a way to utilize the clothing to bring the Sandburgs to life for visitors,” says museum curator Jamie Mahan.

The exhibit will be on display in nearly every room of the house. Highlights of the exhibit include the iconic scarves Carl Sandburg wore as he played his guitar and sang folk songs and the dress Lilian Sandburg wore to meet President Lyndon B. Johnson. The clothing will be paired with historic photographs for context. “While the world knew him as a famous poet and Lincoln’s biographer, Sandburg was also a father and husband who sang to his wife and daughters in the living room or read his recent writings at the dining room table,” says Mahan. “The clothing humanizes the writer in a way that other objects cannot.”

The exhibit can be viewed on a regular guided tour of the house. A special Dressing for the Occasion tour, focusing on the exhibit, will be available every Tuesday at 12 p.m. through August 20.

The Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site is located at 81 Carl Sandburg Lane in Flat Rock. For more information, visit or call 828.693.4178.

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