North Carolina Murder and Mayhem

North Carolina Murder and Mayhem

Rick Jackson, Author

A new book by NC author Rick Jackson delves into the stories behind some heinous crimes in the state’s history, with a section focused on Western North Carolina. There readers will find information about the 2003 capture of fugitive bomber Eric Rudolph in Murphy and 1863’s Shelton Laurel Massacre in Madison County, among others.

“Murder is a horrible crime,” Jackson says. “I think it is against basic human nature to take someone’s life and that is why we are so fascinated with true crime. Like everyone else, I am interested in why people commit these types of crimes.”

Jackson spent a great deal of time researching books, newspaper articles and actual case files, when possible, in order to write the book. “I was surprised by the amount of information that is collected by investigators and gained a new level of respect for them,” he says.

His first book, co-written with his brother, William Jackson, was Ghosts of the Triangle: Historic Haunts of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, published in 2009. Currently, he has turned his focus from nonfiction to fiction in writing a novel. Jackson grew up in Durham and lives with his family in Wake Forest. He teaches business and economic courses to high school students after a career in banking and finance.

North Carolina Murder and Mayhem, October, 2019, history, paperback, $21.99, by Rick Jackson, and published by The History Press, Mt. Pleasant, SC.

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