The Falls of the Wyona

The Falls of the Wyona

David Brendan Hopes, Author

David Brendan Hopes says his debut novel, The Falls of the Wyona, was inspired by a National Geographic film about swifts living in a cave. “It’s not really about that, so you can see how things grow from almost unrecognizable seeds,” he says. “It turns out to be about kids growing up in Appalachia at the end of WWII, discovering themselves and the mysteries of emotion.”

Although this is his debut novel, Hopes’ novel Night, Sleep and the Dreams of Lovers was written first and will appear from Black Mountain Press later this year. That novel will be about the Asheville arts scene in the 1990s. “The Falls of the Wyona feels more like a first novel,” Hopes says, “so I’m glad it appeared first.” Red Hen Press has singled the book out for its annual Quill Prose Award for Queer writing.

Hopes began his writing career as a poet, branching out into nonfiction (for a time as a Laurel columnist) and playwriting. Four of his plays have been produced at The Magnetic Theatre. In August, his play Edward and Gaveston opens in Los Angeles and, in September, he will have a play produced by Asheville’s Sublime Theater.

The Falls of the Wyona, May, 2019, fiction, paperback, $15, by David Brendan Hopes, and published by Red Hen Press, Pasadena, CA. A reading will be held at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café on September 16 at 6 p.m.

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