The Singing Pool

The Singing Pool

Madelyn Lantz, Author
Joe Longobardi, Illustrator

A drawing of a bird with angel wings near a waterfall was the inspiration for a book about the healing power within a person. “A few days after drawing this image, I wrote a story based on an inspiring vision of a healing pool containing creative water,” says Madelyn Lantz, author of The Singing Pool. “This story expressed traumatic events from my childhood. These events were an ongoing occurrence in first grade where I was exposed to intolerance towards my Jewish faith, and have dominated my life with an underlying current of anxiety, fear, self-doubt, self-pity and denial of my heritage and culture.” At the time she was working on her master’s degree in expressive art therapy. A writer, singer-songwriter and painter, she is also a licensed professional counselor who works with children and adults using the expressive arts modalities.

The book belongs to a recent and expanding genre of “sophisticated picture books,” says illustrator Joe Longobardi, and can be meaningful to “people of different cultures and religions who have experienced bullying and intolerance. I illustrated the book to reflect a period in time from the twentieth century depicting a time of innocence as well as the intolerance that went unchallenged by a large portion of society.”

The Singing Pool is recommended for those ranging from 8 years old to adult, and, says Longobardi, “is the kind of story you grow into as you get older, where you can begin to appreciate the deeper nuances that lie below the childlike innocence found in the main character.”

The Singing Pool, June, 2019, fiction, hardcover, $24.99, by Madelyn Lantz, author, and Joe Longobardi, illustrator, and published by Singing Bird Books, Asheville, NC. To learn more, visit

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