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Music Feature: Carly Taich

It Tends to Glow

By Gina Malone

Carly Taich describes her music as “fearless folk-pop.” Her new album, It Tends to Glow, represents a return to music when the singer-songwriter wasn’t sure she would, having toyed with the idea of retiring after her 2017 album Reverie. One song, in particular, on the new album, Red Herring, encapsulates the theme of overcoming obstacles. “Coming out of a long, dry season and being willing to be honest about my struggles, I wrote that song for my generation at large,” Taich says. “It is about comparing oneself to others, disappointment and the general feeling of never being enough, which I feel is rampant in our social media culture. With Red Herring and with all my songs, I hope people listen to them and feel not so alone.”

Music Feature: Carly Taich

Taich began writing songs in childhood before she learned to play her “electric, candy-red Yamaha guitar.” At 14, her parents sent her to Los Angeles for a life-changing two-week music camp for teens. “From that point on, I dove headfirst into songwriting and never looked back,” she says. Her songs, she adds, are for people who hear lyrics when they listen to music and who like to ponder what they’re hearing.

She thinks place plays a big part in art. “Living in Western North Carolina my whole life, I can’t imagine how my sound wouldn’t be influenced by the area,” she says. “WNC is home—the people, the food, the landscape—so it’s a part of me and naturally shows up in my music, even if subconsciously at times.” And a love of vintage cinema shapes her sound as well.

“You’ll hear a lot of throw-back harmonies, violins, pianos and groovy drumbeats sprinkled carefully throughout this recent project,” she says.

Not being able to travel and perform in front of live audiences has been difficult during these pandemic times, Taich says. “With limitations, you are pushed to be more creative, but it’s also harder to get things done the way you’re used to. So I’ve had to reorder where I put my energy these days.”

It Tends to Glow is available for streaming on all platforms. Learn more and purchase the album at

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