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Music Feature: Dylan Innes

Taste the Tide

Appalachian State student and musician/songwriter Dylan Innes began his music career at an early age with piano, but, by middle school, found the guitar more to his liking. His new solo album, Taste the Tide, in which he was going for “a very raw acoustic sound,” came out last month, recorded at ElectroMagnetic Radiation Recorders in Winston-Salem. Innes says the pandemic hasn’t slowed him down with his music. “I really like songwriting and being in the studio much more than performing anyway,” he says.

He wrote the first song on the album, “Lose or Gain,” at his parents’ house after not seeing them for a time. “It’s about just being grateful for the good things in life and also reflecting on shortcomings,” he says.
Often, lyrics come to him as he’s driving through the mountains, Innes says. “My music is inspired by my mental state,” he says, “whether that’s good or bad. My listeners are, surprisingly, from all age groups. I like to think you could show your mom my music and also turn it on at a party.”

The album is available on all streaming platforms.

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