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Music Feature: Michael Flynn’s “Survive With Me”

Songwriter Michael Flynn’s third solo album, Survive With Me, was fully written before the pandemic hit and is now set for release on Tuesday, October 13. “A lot of it was just me freaking out about the state of the country and the world,” he says, “and this was 2019 back when people could hug.” Flynn saw society “trending in a dangerous direction already” then, and now the pandemic has been a blow to musicians and those in the industry, he says. “It’s made releasing music even more vital, while also much more difficult.”

The new album’s songs touch on a variety of themes, including climate anxieties and bear attacks. The first track, “But It Lived,” is one, he says, that “helped set a creative ‘North Star’ that the rest of the record would follow.” Flynn moved to WNC two years ago and his songs have since been greatly influenced by the region. “I’ve been so inspired by the many songwriters who call it home and the stirrings of emotion that changing seasons and natural beauty can conjure,” he says.

He became fascinated with music as a child. “I was forced to take piano lessons in third grade and was lost to respectable society shortly thereafter,” he says. “I’d tape songs on the radio and rewind them over and over, figuring out how the piano part went and, while doing that, I think I absorbed a lot of songwriting data.”

COVID-19 restrictions on performing have forced him, like most, to find ways to engage with fans online. “The support from music lovers has been hugely gratifying and inspiring,” he says. “The emotional connection between humans and art is unbreakable, and I’ve never been more confident in that, or grateful for it.”

Survive With Me is available for preorders on Bandcamp and will be released to digital and streaming platforms on October 13. To learn more, visit

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