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Shop Talk: Blue Moon Metal Prints

Rob Travis and Arty

Rob Travis grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. After serving eight years in the army, he worked as a project manager for a Fortune 500 company before branching out creatively to develop his skills as a glass artist. “I then took up photography in 2007, and have been a professional photographer since,” he says. He also owns Blue Moon Gallery and Frame, in Brevard.

Travis is a master printer in both inkjet and dye-sublimation printing. “The idea of opening my own printing business came to me a few years back when I realized I was paying a lot of money to have other companies do my printing for me,” he says. “Having the print shop allows me to help people who really would just like to have their memories printed on high-quality material by a local guy who cares.”

Blue Moon Metal Prints is located at 102 College Station Drive, Suite B2, in Brevard. Learn more at

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