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Shop Talk: Elise Okrend

Elise Okrend, artist

When pastel artist Elise Okrend moved to Asheville from Raleigh, she was immediately drawn to a beautiful space in the Wedge Studios, where she’s been located now for four years. “Visitors often have emotional reactions when they come into my studio,” she says. The studio itself, with plenty of open space, natural light and a water feature, complements her atmospheric pastels that evoke a sense of dreaminess. “The studio has been a really soothing and even transformative place for people,” she says.

Hospitals have recognized the palliative quality of Okrend’s work and many have purchased her paintings for their collections, including Mission and Duke Regional Hospitals. “My art is meant to bring a sense of peace, stillness and soothing beauty to you and your home,” she says, “and I feel my space enhances that purpose.”

Elise Okrend Studio & Gallery is located on the first floor of Wedge Studios, 129 Roberts Street, Asheville. For more information call 919.621.1579, visit, or find @eliseokrendpastelartist on Facebook and @eliseokrendart on Instagram.

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