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Supporting the Artist Through Uncertain Times

Contemporaneo September

Clara Vidal, artist

By Gary Culbertson

As a gallery that specializes in contemporary artists from all over the world, we are navigating the on-going new normal of how to successfully conduct business by maintaining relationships with current clients and artists, finding new opportunities within a compromised market and locating innovative artists to bring to the gallery and beyond.

Our mission is to showcase international artists who bring the best contemporary ideals and creativity to their work. Given that many artists are finding it difficult to get their art into the marketplace because of self-isolation and the closure of many galleries, they need to reach out beyond their own cities and countries for opportunity and income. As gallerists, we acknowledge our responsibility as a support and vehicle for artists’ artistic and financial well-being. As businesses are closing, many never to reopen, we are concerned with artists losing their ability to create, grow and continue in their gifted and chosen profession.

We are fortunate that our brick-and-mortar gallery is open to visitors and clients interested in finding the perfect piece for the chosen environment. However, we are also cultivating relationships with individuals who might be hesitant to visit the public gallery. Through an initial consultation, we get an understanding of the client’s interests and unique aspects of their space. Then, we are able to gather a portfolio of diverse artworks to bring to the client with safety precautions in place. Some clients have provided a digital picture of the space in need of art, which allows us to photoshop a variety of options. This opportunity is not just limited to local clients, as we have traveled throughout the region providing this service.

Contemporaneo is committed to continuing our gallery shows, since interacting with art live and in person is an amazing experience. Through December 31, we are excited to present Telluric Forces featuring Chilean artist Francisca Valenzuela who has enjoyed a successful 40-year career. She acquired a BA from the University of Chile and Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. She has exhibited in the US and throughout Europe and South America.

Francisca’s creations bring a powerful aesthetic, where craftsmanship, masterful use of color and texture create landscapes of passion and geological depth.

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