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Unveiling of the Newest Piece in Madison County’s Manufacturing Art Park

The Madison County Economic Development Board will unveil the newest addition to the Manufacturing Art Park, a program that seeks to build community, celebrate heritage and recognize the arts by honoring local manufacturing entities through sculpture pieces. Buchi Kombucha was selected as this year’s featured company and artist Kristof Galas won the request for proposals and created the piece that will be unveiled on Saturday, August 13, at 7 p.m.

Initial sketch for Manufacturing Art Park project. Kristof Galas, artist

Buchi Kombucha moved their production facility to Madison County more than four years ago. “We wanted to invest and support the community as best we could with what we had at the moment,” says Zane Adams, co-CEO and CMO of FedUp Foods PBC, the parent company of Buchi. “What better way to showcase what it means to be a business in Madison County than against the backdrop of a self-guided park that marries the craft of art and manufacturing? We think it’s a great marriage; it exemplifies what we attempt to do every day in our production process.”

This project inspired him to “seek out what you do not understand and give it shape, form and life,” Galas says. “While I understand what a scoby is, I have no concept really of how it looks or how it forms itself and that is interesting to me.” Galas’ piece embodies the fermentation process of Buchi’s product by depicting the scoby—the culture that kombucha is made from—and his piece will also use recycled materials from the company.

The unveiling will take place along the Dr. Otis Duck Greenway in Mars Hill and will feature music and refreshments. “What these companies are making in their buildings is often interesting and beautiful, and deserves to be shown to the world,” says Sara Nichols, regional and environmental planner with the Land of Sky Regional Council. “This public art project has been bringing new life to the growing greenway in Mars Hill for people of all ages to enjoy.”

For more information, visit, and on Instagram @studiogalas.

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