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View Penland’s WEAR: Contemporary Jewelry 2020 Online

Penland: WEAR

Long knot posts. Caitie Sellers, artist

Penland Gallery presents WEAR: Contemporary Jewelry 2020, a virtual exhibit running at Saturday, August 1, through Sunday, September 6. More than 40 artists will participate, making it Penland Gallery’s largest contemporary jewelry exhibition to date.

“Penland Gallery began the WEAR exhibitions in 2013 in order to spotlight the ever-changing and expanding realm of contemporary jewelry,” says Penland Gallery coordinator Cami Leisk. “It has become an annual event and an opportunity to share the work of both established and emerging artists who are affiliated with Penland School.”

WEAR features all of the school’s regularly represented jewelry artists along with some special guests. The range of materials and processes is broad. Traditional techniques include silver and gold jewelry with stone settings, enamel work and fabrication techniques. Nontraditional materials include porcelain, wood, fossils, mica and powder coating.

“I like to highlight the overlooked and excite the wonder of nature in all of us,” says participating artist Robert Thomas Mullen. “The pieces I will exhibit are made from materials I have collected over the span of a lifetime, including petrified wood, mammoth tusk, stone, stalactite and shell.”

While WEAR artists come from all over the country, the show includes the following jewelers from the WNC region: Lisa Colby, Paige Davis, Joanna Gollberg, Stacey Lane, Marian Miller, Alice Scott, Devyn Vasquez and Laura Wood.

“To put on a piece of contemporary jewelry is to make it whole and complete,” says Leisk. “Sharing information about the artists with our customers is an important key to creating meaningful support for the field of contemporary jewelry.”

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