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Glass & Metal Day at the Folk Art Center

Michael Hatch, glassblower. Photo by Diana Gates

On Saturday, April 6, more than a dozen members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild will showcase their skills in glass and metal in the auditorium of the Folk Art Center as part of the Guild’s fourth annual Glass & Metal Day. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., members will demonstrate manipulation processes like blacksmithing, glass blowing, piercing and annealing metals, knife making, bezeling, repoussé, soldering stained glass and forging.

The Guild was established in 1930 to cultivate the crafts and makers of the Southern Highlands for the purpose of shared resources, education, marketing and conservation. Glass & Metal Day is one of five educational events hosted by the Guild every year. “The Guild’s education series of events is one significant outlet that members use to share their process,” says Hannah Barry, director of marketing for the Guild. “Often consumers are not informed of the stories behind their purchased goods. The Guild advocates and cultivates spaces to connect buyers with sellers to foster upward mobility for makers.”

The Folk Art Center is at Milepost 382 of the Blue Ridge Parkway, just north of the Highway 70 entrance in east Asheville, NC. For a complete list of artists participating in Glass & Metal Day, and to learn more about Guild programs at the Folk Art Center, call 828-298-7928 or visit

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