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Antiques from H.H. Walker and Company

H.H. Walker and Company Antiques

Holt Isom

Shop Talk: H.H. Walker and Company

The philosophy of H.H. Walker and Company antique gallery is simple: enrich a home with timeless objects that suit today’s lifestyles. In short, antiques should have a function beyond their artistic value.

“We always look to the word ‘functional’ for each piece to ensure the past we offer melds into today’s homes,” says co-owner Edward Sullivan. He and business partner Holt Isom grew up appreciating fine furnishings and antiques, as well as old houses and their charms. Today, their storefront in downtown Waynesville stocks furniture, pillows, framed art, and select furnishings.

“We travel to Europe several times a year, combing the countryside for pieces that fill the current needs of our clients and catch our eye,” Edward says.

Custom lamps are H.H. Walker’s specialty. Unique bases—a ceramic black stallion, for instance—are paired with select shades. Edward says, “No room is complete without the correct scale of lighting.” Fall events will include demonstrations in good lighting and floral design.

H.H. Walker and Company is located at 335 N. Haywood Street in Waynesville. For more information, call 828.400.1416 or visit

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